Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The flustered frustration continues...

Hey all, I haven't really updated lately.

I am  just so busy. SERIOUSLY.
the unattainable crush.
and rushing..
Oh wait did I say rushing.

I am actually considering rushing a sorority. AEPHI. The German girl is rushing a Jewish sorority. Oxymoron? Yes. Do I care? No.
In other news, Danielle is going nuts. She takes way too much to thinking everything is about her. When it's not.  I definitely don't want to be like her. Hence why I get myself busy. I feel like she is losing all of her friendships because of the way she is acting towards people. And that is not my fault!

My health has gone nuts... It's no longer crohns disease it's- ulcerative colitis. Wikipedia that shit. It's disgusting.

That boy I have a crush on. Idk his deal. I am not going to force anything. Not worth it since apparently I am not worth it to him. But that's his problem not mine. Hopefully he stops thinking I am mad or taking anger out him. When I am not..:--D

I went out with a friend a few nights ago and they thought it was something else... Yeah thats never happening again.

Family is nuts.
And work is crazy. My manager isn't doing anything like normal we will see what will happen after- Stephanie talks to Dan.

Seems like always around Valentines Day someone gets their heart broken.
-Hopefully it's not mine