Saturday, January 3, 2009

I am a fierce bitch.

So like normal I am good house wife. I made chicken and noodles last night. Got drunk. Spilled my stupid pathetic feelings out. True story.
Okay let me begin where it all started. So that guy the one who bought the necklace- I was making him dinner. He has made me dinner twice. So I thought. Who doesn't love homemade chicken and noodles. They are really that good. And Brian said, he was bored. So I let him come over. STUPID MISTAKE. Let me get into who Brian is- Brian is a gay black guy that is crazy. So crazy he broke into my apartment. So lame.
And then it turned into a party. This guy, garrett, lori, kim, and heather along with brian came over.
I got jealous over the guy who bought a necklace. Which all brought some shit out. I decided- hey lets get drunk.
And drunk did I get.
Everyone slowly left minus Garrett. He kind of came onto me. But I kicked everyone out. And who was at my door...
Nothing else but Jordan! He needed helped. I was drunk and was a bitch I feel bad about that. But I wanted to fix some problems with the necklace boy.
I ended up talking to his friend, lets call him sprouts boy. He basically told me we were both afraid of a relationship.
We ended up talking about what we wanted. It was refreshing. A healthy kind of talk. I like those. Although I was trashed.
So I wake up. And go back to my apartment to brian at my apartment in boy short blaring club music. AFTER HE BROKE INTO MY HOUSE.

I really am confused and don't know what to do. I like necklace boy and i get that we both should wait to trust each other because fuck we all know I have trust issues. But I really think something good could come out of it.

Best wishes. And a damn happy new year.

I had one. And an amazing new years kiss.

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Peanut Marie said...

Fierce bitches be crazy