Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I second that emotion.

I have been busy bee lately.

With all the school work I have, plus work, and the obvious stress.

I  decided against the redhead for good. We can be friends but nothing more is what I think. I deserve someone who wants me to be in their life. And according to everyone else I deserve better.

I am just angry about  that I can't make it to my friends formal because my mom is flying back into town. From Indiana. I just really would like to do more things with him and get to know him better it just hasnt been happening since  I got sick then he got sick. Then he got put on Phenergan (The worlds most evil medicine ever). I just would like to hang out with him more. I like  the people he's around usually its a good time. I don't know I really wish I could just go. The thing is if I were to go to a formal it probably would be AEPHI's formal. Shrug. I know he reads this now and again. This is me telling you-  especially after the text I sent you.

Easter this weekend. My mom leaves Monday with the grandparents. It will be refreshing. 

I am at a crossroads of what I want. I don't know what to do with anyone. With anything. I want a drink- a backrub- and a  good time.

GIve me one of the three. I am yours.