Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sometimes the party takes you places that you didn’t really plan on going

 So here I chill this Thursday. I am Exhausted. Used, and most of all thirsty.
 I am always thirsty though
 But the  used part.. apparently the redhead doesn't want to string  me along. I don't get strung along. I  usually neglect the situation until I bitch enough to the BFF or to someone else.
I have too much stuff for someone like him. I would like to call it a life. Sometimes  I wish he had one too maybe that could lead to something more. And no VIDEO GAMES do not constitute a life. I wanted to know if it did, I checked my facts- still doesn't count.
In other news, I'll call him Deli boy since there is a deli named after  him by where I work.  He's the one who I have liked for awhile. It's all unstable for the factor  of the whirlwind of bullshit like being sick, me not being able to go to his formal. Flusters me. He's a good guy, just wish something would happen. 
Then there is the boy who I will probably molest if there were ever the opportunity-  too bad he lives in the hellish town of Tucson. 

My family is leaving soon to go back to Indiana. I hope they have fun, since I can't go. But i don't think I want to look at nursing homes and going to cardiologists appointments and when they see me they always check my ehart because I am so young. Yeah- expectancy of my getting heart disease to them is 25... wtf.

Well look at the  demo graphic
Both parents heart disease by  age 40.

I need some relaxing. A break. Can you find me one.

Oh and I am awesome at STD trivia. IF you didn't know- now you do.

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