Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baby- it's been a long day. Things aint going my way.

 Lots have happened in  the past week.
I am avoiding talking about males. Lets just say the one I like the good things are happening and I am not just focusing on that. Got shit to do!
School is great. I got a 99% on my presentation. I am apparently an impressive public speaker. go figure.
My family is off in Indiana enjoying their life. Hopefully I will get some Mello Yello.
I wonder how- I will take Friday- it's Relay for Life sponsered by the American Cancer Society. Not a fan of the organization but my fathers spirit probably shouldnt be unsettled. it will be emotional.

Oh yeah. I haven't slept well in weeks.

And Amber Hess' murderers are being charged as Adults. Thank whatever powerful force decided that. May 5th it's d-day.May Amber Rest in Peace.

 yes this was depressing I apologize.

Oh and FYI I am over throwing the young dems at ASU.

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